Swarovski Shareholders Approved 6,000 Staff Job Cut as A New Strategy by Kyle Chen November 3, 2020 Swarovski shareholders have approved the biggest overhaul in the crystal makers in 125 years of history which includes 6,000 job cuts after a year of debating heated discussion among the factions of the founding family. The report covers the company's structure, operation, SWOT analysis, product and service offerings and corporate actions, providing a 360˚ view of the company. Swarovski AG – Strategy, SWOT and Corporate Finance Report, is a source of comprehensive company data and information. The cracks in the crystal kingdom have exposed a deep rift in the sprawling Swarovski family, consisting of … Swarovski, through the help of IH Digital Thailand – the video production arm of IH Digital in Singapore – then released a video campaign for Valentine’s Day. What is Market Insider? Shop Swarovski Singapore 2020 Online at ZALORA | FREE Delivery Above $40 Cashback Cash On Delivery 30 Days Free Return The Swarovski company is marking its 125th anniversary in 2020 and recently entered the lab-created colour diamond category and announced plans to expand into natural diamonds. A sweeping overhaul at Swarovski has the family up in arms. Drilling forecast calls for 14% rebound in 2021 from depths of 2020 activity. The 6,000 previously announced job cuts equal about 20% of Swarovski’s workforce. More reading: Colour diamonds: The fairest of them all Swarovski introduces fancy colour lab-grown diamonds Swarovski enters the natural diamond market Market Insider is a business news aggregator for traders and investors that proposes to you the latest financial markets news, top stories headlines and trading analysis on stock market, currencies (Forex), cryptocurrency, commodities futures, ETFs … Swarovski Consumer Goods Business revealed its strategy to be the global jewelry market leader by 2020 since these product lines accounted for 75 percent of its 2012 net sales. Considering that the Facebook trend for this year are short commercials, riding on the trend with style and proper content marketing plan became tools to successfully invite and engage more audience from the right target market.