Rauchsäule Ahu Buhari Dora Hatemi Hurrem Nigari Rana Serhos Zarife . Gewicht . Bewertung & mehr & mehr & mehr & mehr. Preis . ATH T-Steel Hookah. Ships Australia-wide to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane Der ATH Tradi Shisha Schlauch - Rauchspaß im traditionellem Look! The ATH T-Steel Hookah line brings high-end stainless steel machining to the time-honored, classic style shisha pipe. von 4.3 bis 4.45 . Ajia Arabesque series coated with titanium for your shisha longer life time and brightness all time. ATH SHISHA : ATH T-BRASS BA Onikes Base- Hatemi Stem - ATH Charnewa with Pac_Cut - ATH L-Steel Yakut Base - SERHOS Stem - ATH Tradi Schlauch Dunkelblau - AT von 164.74 bis 388.94 . Farbe Blau Grün Hellblau Klar Rauchglas Rot . ATH Hookah kept in traditional style and are made in high precision workmanship. Shisha Palace is an Hookah Online Shop, where you can buy Shisha, Hookahs, Charcoal, Steam Stones and Waterpipe accessories. ATH-Shisha . Dein Online Shop für Shishas, Tabak, Kohle, Anzünder und E-Zigaretten Bei uns findest du alles rund um dein Shisha-Traum 1 von 11. Goldene Ornamente verleihen dem Schlauch das traditionelle Aussehen. The same great precision craftsmanship with a more traditional hookah look. Artikel pro Seite: AjiaShisha Conquest V4 Each parts of the shisha, is designed to have airtight connections, the air inside the shisha is blocked and no interference from the outside. Buy Dschinni® Tradi Series Shisha / Hookah - Available to buy in our online shop! Produkte anzeigen . Der Lederschlauch ist ein zu 100% in Handarbeit gefertigter Shishaschlauch, der aus Holz, Leder und Messing besteht. Adalya Tobacco's version of the traditional or tradi style hookah. The hookahs from Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH) are shishas that stand out from the crowd with their outstanding quality and smoking properties. ATH Tradi Shisha Schlauch - Light Smoke. ATH Tradi: ATH Tradi Shisha Schlauch Hellgrün - ATH Tradi Shisha Schlauch Rot - ATH Tradi Shisha Schlauch Hellblau